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On behalf of GHP, it is a pleasure to inform you that Lifeinsights has been awarded:

Best Mindset & Wellbeing Coach (Somerset): Charlotte Cheetham


Helping  mid-life Managers to find coping strategies during Covid 19 in order to have a happier and less stressed life.


The uncertainty of COVID-19 has made the process of making major life, career, and business decisions even more complex than ever. So, it's perfectly normal if you're currently struggling to clearly identify, assess & evaluate what options are available to you and commit to your next steps.


I am Charlotte Cheetham and I am a fully qualified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Nutritional Therapist and Occupational Health Nurse. I have been working as an Occupational Health Advisor for 20 years and have successfully been using my  coaching skills as an OH Advisor and a Coach for the last 5 years. I specialise in helping all my clients to step out of their comfort zone to find a happier life and find their full potential with more confidence, clarity and freedom by providing tools to help make those life changing decisions. I offer 1:1 or group coaching sessions via skype or Zoom.


These are areas I can help you with:


  • Work-life balance
  • Anxiety
  • Career or role change
  • Personal development
  • Stress and time management
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Diet & Exercise
  • Weight loss


dog, walk, beach, sand, happiness, blue sky, rocks, smile
Enjoying a walk with the dogs on the beach

Walking is great for exercise, reducing stress and getting a better work/life balance. It helps to increase dopamine and endorphins both of which help to reduce stress and anxiety. 

If you're feeling calm and relaxed your mind and body will function much more effectively.


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Are you working long hours, becoming exhausted and feeling unfulfilled in life?

Do you feel you're starting to lose control of your career and your family responsibilities?


Has the pandemic caused you to become more stressed, irritable, unable to concentrate effectively or lose focus?

Are you afraid if something doesn't change, you might just snap?

Are you living an unhappy life without purpose?



  • So what would it feel like if you could get back control of your mind?
  • How would your life change if you could learn how regain your confidence, and get more clarity in your life?


  • Having worked as a Specialist Health Advisor in many different Occupational Health settings in many different industries for over 20 years I have gained a good understanding of the problems that Managers in mid-life experience in the workplace and at home. Many a time I have been told  how they suffer from mental health issues or physical conditions which contribute to high stress levels. 
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