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About Lifeinsights Coaching

What is coaching?

What is the difference between counselling and mindset coaching?

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 Counselling deals mainly with a person’s past looking at the negative issues developed over the years.


Mindset coaching deals with the issues a person has in the present and guiding them to a happier and more positive future. 


Mindset coaching provides tools so you can create the future of your dreams.


A mindset coach is someone who listens objectively and is non-judgemental.



When you are listened to and heard you feel more comfortable to learn new skills.


How can a coach help to change your life?

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A mindset coach will support you at all times during the coaching process. This will allow you to make changes without feeling weak or inadequate.


A mindset coach will challenge you to think differently.


By changing the way you think you will become more confident in your ability to make great decisions about your future.


Asking difficult questions will enable you to think bigger and better and come up with answers you never previously dreamt of.


 mindset coach will motivate you to develop new thought processes. When you become stuck in a rut it helps to be motivated. This will enable you to become inspired to make changes to your life.


A mindset coach collaborates with you. Through collaboration synergy occurs. You will begin to see value in attending coaching sessions helping you to achieve new goals.


A mindset coach helps to provide strategies for you. This will help you to identify the best and easiest way of learning new tools to change old habits and provide a new way forward to a great life.


A mindset coach will always be understanding, respectful and professional at all times.


This will help to develop a positive and motivational relationship between you and your coach.


A good relationship is key to helping you to get the best out of yourself and your coaching sessions.



This is what mindset and wellbeing coaching can do for you:

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  • Help you to find purpose and passion
  • Help with personal development
  • Help to remove unwanted behaviours
  • Help to build confidence
  • Finding clarity, focus and direction
  • Remove self-sabotage and self-talk
  • Overcome difficult obstacles
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Help with weight loss
  • Help to give up smoking
  • Help to feel fulfilled and happy
  • Finding your talents and strengths