About Charlotte Cheetham - Professional Life Coach

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Charlotte Cheetham Qualified Life Coach in her garden in Welwyn

As a teenager I saw my brother being cared for by nurses after a major road traffic accident.  He was in intensive care for 3 months and once discharged,  he had to learn to talk and walk again.

Supporting him in his rehabilitation and being inspired by the professionalism and caring of the nurses helped me decide “What I wanted to be when I grew up”.

I worked professionally as a qualified nurse for 14 years.  When I got involved in health screening, I loved that it was supporting people in having healthier lives.  This opened the door to become an Occupational Health Advisor. 

For the last 20 years in Occupational Health I have been advising people in the workplace how to reduce stress and work place health challenges. I have supported thousands of people improving their wellbeing and creating that illusive “work life balance”. 

KPMG ,NHS hospitals. Citibank, Bedfordshire University, Secondary Schools, KIER, ASDA, Nursing homes, Airbus, Raytheon, Leonardo (Engineering), Pitney Bowes and District Councils, are just some of the organisations I’ve worked with.




Some of the clients Charlotte has worked with

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I have had a large amount of experience managing multiple projects, at the same time as continuing to develop my professional career I was also a Mum raising 3 children (Whilst my husband worked abroad).  Some of the health challenges I supported family members though include epilepsy, brain surgery (tumour), hearing loss, sight loss, hyperactivity and autism.  My husband’s career meant we moved house many times, sometimes after only 6 months!!


During this time, I also studied part time, earning a degree in BSc Health Studies.  I was always focusing on improving my professional skills and knowledge. 


Juggling work and life required developing strong life skills and strategies.  These strategies meant I overcame challenges and supported others both professionally and in my personal life.


5 years ago, I was inspired to learn about life coaching, because I wanted to continue to develop my skills in helping and supporting people.  Becoming a qualified Life Coach was a natural progression as I wanted to make the world a better place for more people.  I could help them to get out of emotional difficulties and positively transform their lives. Becoming a Professional Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner has helped me to do just that.



Books relating to studying to learn more about life coaching and NLP

Throughout my life I have studied to keep up to date with medical knowledge and innovative tools. My qualifications to date include the following:


Registered General Nurse, Occupational Health Nurse Certificate, BSc Health Studies, PG Diploma in Physical Activity and Public Health, Certified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner Certificate and Certified Nutritional Therapist.


With all of these qualifications, life experience and professional experience I am well placed to help people with both physical and psychological issues.  I love seeing the positive changes people make, from being anxious, confused and depressed into developing confidence, clarity and freedom in their lives and professional roles.


I have created Lifeinsights coaching programmes using my extensive professional career, and I look forward to many more decades of empowering people to become the best versions of themselves.


If you’d like more clarity, confidence and freedom please do get in touch for an informal chat about how Life Coaching might work for you.