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Finding Self Confidence

Where you maybe at just now:

woman with arms outstretched feeling confident with balloons and blue sky


  • You are struggling to cope with everyday life because the voice inside you is telling you that you are worthless.


  • You are constantly telling yourself that you are useless and that everyone around is judging you.



The problems you could be experiencing right now:

cartoon stressed woman how Life insights coaching can help


  • Low confidence levels
  • Fatigue due to a lack of sleep


  • Stressed because your relationships with your family and work colleagues are suffering

What you need help with:

woman feeling stuck overwhelmed and stressed


  • You are struggling to understand why you feel the way you do.


  • Because you are “stuck” with your current thought processes you are unable to think straight so everything is piling up and causing you to struggle to function effectively.


  • You want to be free of those negative thoughts so that you can get on with your life.

How can the “Gain more confidence in your life” coaching programme benefit me?

impossible possible signpost leading to a positive future


  • At your free “Discovery” session you will have learnt a little about how your brain works and why you have been getting “stuck”.


  • You will have discussed the psychological and/or physical impact your feelings have had on yourself and will have gained some understanding of how coaching can help you to become “unstuck”.


  • When you commence the “Gain more confidence” coaching programme you will be guided through a life wheel which will allow you to identify which areas in your life are suffering the most.


  • You will then be guided through a priority list of each area in your life where you can then set some goals which will help you to focus on those areas in greater depth.


  • Once you start working on your goals you will be taught how your beliefs and values affect your thought processes. I will help you to bust those limiting beliefs so that you can begin to develop more confidence in your life and lead a much happier, productive life.