Freedom · 29 May 2020
A short story about a violin. An analogy for losing confidence and finding it again.
Freedom · 27 March 2019
Fingers pointing at stressed woman carton. About stress levels
Stress Awareness April is stress awareness month. So how stressed do you think you are, if at all stressed? Stress is a very subjective subject and is interpreted very differently by different people. However, research indicates that stress is a very real entity and can have a huge negative impact on the lives of many people. Common symptoms of stress can include any of the following: Sweaty hands, anxiety, difficulty breathing, rapid speech, frequent blushing, dry mouth, social withdrawal,...
Clarity · 21 March 2019
Some easy ways to make changes to your lifestyle
Health and Wellbeing · 21 March 2019
Seeing birds in your garden 'can cut the risk of suffering stress and depression'. This is the latest research published by researchers at Exeter University. How many of us find the time to watch birds in our garden or when we are out and about? Research suggests that those people who see birds outside and hear their twittering are more likely to manage to reduce their stress levels than people who are stuck inside buildings without views of wildlife. If you feel stressed and find the demands...
Health and Wellbeing · 01 February 2018
Helping women to cope with a mid-life crisis. How the menopause impacts on happiness and well-being. Helping to create clarity so that women can navigate the challenges of the menopause.