Experiences of Lifeinsights coaching

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Charlotte was very professional and motivational. Had an excellent session – very inspirational!”        

Angela Royle was developing and furthering her career. 


“Very good session. Very uplifting. Achieved far more than I was expecting from one session.”       

Deborah Darrington,  was focusing on her own personal development. 


“Great session reflecting on my journey so far. Discussing it made me realise so many positive changes around 2 major goals…….thanks Charlotte”                                         

Reeta Vaya, used coaching to reflect on professional development achievements. 


“I really enjoyed the whole session. It was very thought provoking. I really liked the power packed questions.”              

Hazel King, completed the whole LifeInsights coaching programmes; Confidence, Clarity and Freedom Coaching packages. 


“Learnt how to achieve small goals. Really helpful!” 

Ann McIntyre, focused on building incremental positive changes to achieve big goals. 


“Lovely setting, lovely coach. Generous with her time and non-judgmental. I didn’t know what to expect but enjoyed talking.”

M Sykes needed confidential space to talk through challenges and had a huge breakthrough in the coaching process. 


“Relaxed confident attitude towards coaching.”     

Joyce Bugge used coaching to discuss future goals facing big life changes. 


“ Enjoyed the honesty, frankness and found the session very encouraging”                                                                 

Shelagh Folling, facing challenges in the workplace, coaching gave her space to find solutions and grow confidence to solve those challenges.